Bioethanol, known as E10, is an alcohol of biological and agricultural origin, which contains 10% of ethanol. It is produced from plant substances used as bio-fuels (or plant fuels).

It is an energy source of plant origin that belongs to the renewable energy family.

The quality of the bioethanol is vital for its use in a bio fireplace, both to avoid unpleasant odors and for the quality of the air.

Fuecopared provides for the sale the bioethanol plus, with a superior quality compared to that normally available.


Bioethanol is worldwide used to decrease the release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Over 40 countries and regions consume 600 million tons of bioethanol every year,  which represent the 60% of total annual consumes of fuels. China is the third world producer of bioethanol and wants to expand its use on a national scale as fuel by 2020.

The plan was revealed in a phase where the country wants to use an eco-fuel which is renewable, valid and environmentally friendly.


The functioning of the fidelity card with points collection is very easy and intuitive: the customer who makes purchases of BIOETHANOL FUECOPARED directly from the website, via e-mail or in our company, receives an amount of points proportional to the expense.

The Fidelity Card Fuecopared has two types of prizes: without expense or with expense.

This mean that the customer with the Fidelity Card Fuecopared, who partecipates to the points collection, can receive the price without any cost (in case he reached the amount of points needed to get the price) or paying a contribute (in case he didn’t achieve that amount, which can be reached with a certain price).


The filling of the burner of the bio fireplace must be done from the fire mouth avoiding any spilling outside, by using the bioethanol dispenser supplied.

Usually, a litre of bioethanol is sufficient to operate the fireplace for about 3 hours (depending on the burner level).


Don’t do the filling and/or the topping with the fire on or if the burner is too hot (15-30 min).