VENICE Decorated

 3.300,00  2.800,00 Tutto incluso / All inclusive

Bioethanol fireplace made of hand painted fireclay

Glass and silver frame

Dimensions LxHxP:

cm. 84 x 84 x 11



Mod. Venice Decorated Fuecopared, hand painted. Glass and silver frame. Bio fireplace made of artistic hand painted fireclay, fueled by bioethanol. Composed of a terracotta panel, a glass and silver frame, a stainless steel burner, a terracotta bowl, a flame-retardant glass and a set of Fuecopared accessories. Dimensions cm. 84 x 84 x 11.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 84 × 84 × 11 cm

Sunflowers, Personalized


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